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Helping More Than 18 Lakh Parents Worldwide

MomComIndia is India’s no.1 parenting channel on YouTube, and is the preferred parenting guide it’s helping over 18 lakh parents worldwide in their parenting journey since 2017. Hi I’m Mansi, my husband & I started our YouTube channel by the name of MomCom India in Jan 2017 when I was in my third trimester (my son Kabir is born on 22nd Feb 2017). I wanted to be an informed and a hands on mother from the beginning, so I started doing my research on pregnancy care, baby care, development milestones, food & health related information etc.

During this research I realised the lack of such content on YouTube that caters to the Indian audience, something that an Indian parent can relate to, the information was in abundance on the internet however was scattered all over the place and at times it was confusing & exhaustive. With such high birth rate in our country and the advancement in internet connectivity I realised both the need and possibility of sharing my knowledge and experience with a wider community to help out every parent out there who is searching for the right information and working towards enhancing their parenting knowledge in an effort to raise the future of this country in the right manner.

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