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From First Foods To Diet Charts For Your Kids

Jun 19,2021

Starting solids for a six month old baby is an adventure. Done right, both baby and parent enjoy the experience. When to start with solids? What would be the baby’s first food? How many times to feed? And more. This article takes you through an in depth understanding of baby’s needs and hurdles while being introduced to solids.
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Jun 09,2021

Starting Solids is a big milestone in your babies growth, starting at the right time and with the right food is the key to make this journey smooth for both you and the baby. In this article I talk about the signs that indicate your baby is ready for the “Solid Food” journey.
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May 21,2021

Stomach infections leading to loose motions are not to be taken lightly. As a parent if you are looking for remedies to combat it, this article will help you know what actions to take. Understanding Baby Diarrhea and knowing its sos protocols, will not only treat the condition but will help you prevent it.
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Apr 11,2021

Has your baby suddenly turned irritable? Chewing all that it can find at hand? These are signs of Teething. This article is for you, if you are looking to understand the challenges of teething and are looking for home remedies to soothe your baby.

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Apr 11,2021

Constipation causes immense discomfort to your baby. Though it often happens with the introduction to solid food, one can prevent and tackle it. The following article will provide 4 easy remedies for baby Constipation. Regular following of the tips, will significantly reduce your worries about constipation discomfort.

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Sep 03,2021

A happy mother makes a happy baby. All that a new mother needs is support and availability of the prerequisites to be on a faster route to recovery. Some may already know it all, some may not. That’s why we at MomComIndia make all the efforts to provide our ever-growing community with all the necessary information. Read on and know what goes ...

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Dec 05,2021

Cough and cold are the dreaded foes for babies, especially in their first year. In the situation that a baby is suffering from these ailments, how do we ease out the discomfort? Indian families are usually very proactive in suggesting home remedies. The fact that babies under the age of two can’t be given over the counter medicines, makes our...

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Sep 08,2021

Nutrition is the key to recovery. After the stress suffered by the body during delivery, a new mother needs all the support to heal. Panjiri is a time tested food, that has helped generations. If you are wondering how to make this, read on. The recipe shared is from my mother’s kitchen. You will enjoy this as much as I have.

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Sep 06,2021

Applying Kajal in baby’s eyes is an age old tradition which is said to ward off evil eye. In a country like India where following tradition is a must, it is sometimes difficult to get past the blurry line. Some say it makes the eyes appear big and beautiful while for some it’s not a practical approach and has its own disadvantages. Does this ...

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