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Best Home Remedies To Comfort Your Child

Jan 09,2022

Though no medication should be administered without consulting the doctor, there are a few medicines that you should always keep handy to avoid rushing to a pharmacy upon the recommendations of your doctor. I always kept a medical first aid kit handy during both my babies, in this article I have shared the contents of my medical first aid kit...

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Aug 23,2021

An infant needs constant care. The parent or caregiver is always on their toes, trying to raise a happy and healthy baby. With all the safety measures and precautions, that one may enforce, at times ailments find a way to affect the baby. This raises doubts in a parent on whether it’s necessary to pay the doctor a visit or to treat the baby a...

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Jul 21,2021

Disposable diapers are a norm in modern day parenting. Though a necessity, parents often come across information, that makes them question the safety of diapers. Diaper rash, baby comfort, how to diaper and is it a healthy practice are a few of the many questions that bother a parent. If you too are uncertain of whether or not to use disposab...

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Jul 19,2021

Redness, discharge and watery eyes in a baby can be symptoms of a common problem called “blocked tear duct”. While it looks intimidating, the solution to the issue is quiet simple. Being a regular affair in that happens while the tear glands and its associated body systems develop, it is prudent to be aware and prepared for it. If you are a s...

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Jun 05,2021

Hair fall is one of the many challenges that a new mother faces shortly after delivery. While her body recovers and her responsibilities multiply, hair fall can affect her confidence. The once bountiful hair appears to fall off strand by strand. This article takes you through my journey of post-partum hair fall and how I managed to deal with ...

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Sep 03,2021

A happy mother makes a happy baby. All that a new mother needs is support and availability of the prerequisites to be on a faster route to recovery. Some may already know it all, some may not. That’s why we at MomComIndia make all the efforts to provide our ever-growing community with all the necessary information. Read on and know what goes ...

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Sep 08,2021

Nutrition is the key to recovery. After the stress suffered by the body during delivery, a new mother needs all the support to heal. Panjiri is a time tested food, that has helped generations. If you are wondering how to make this, read on. The recipe shared is from my mother’s kitchen. You will enjoy this as much as I have.

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Sep 06,2021

Applying Kajal in baby’s eyes is an age old tradition which is said to ward off evil eye. In a country like India where following tradition is a must, it is sometimes difficult to get past the blurry line. Some say it makes the eyes appear big and beautiful while for some it’s not a practical approach and has its own disadvantages. Does this ...

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Oct 03,2021

One of the biggest worries for new parents in winters is to make sure their newborn baby’s are clothed appropriately. A layer more carries the risk of overheating and a layer less can make the baby feel cold which may cause additional problems. This article goes into the details of the right clothing required to ensure your baby is safe and c...

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