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Mother & Baby Magazine

Mar 15, 2021
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Mansi: I am a changed person post the birth of Kabir, and I must admit that I am loving every bit of it. If you thought life was hectic, wait until you have a baby. That’s the first thing you’ll realise because a mother’s radar is always on, and trust me, it doesn’t go off ! Not even when your baby is sound asleep right next to you. Motherhood is an absolutely beautiful and rewarding journey to embark on. You’ll learn so many things about yourself along the way. You will be surprised to learn about the strength you never knew had; overcome fears you never knew existed. Kabir has taught me what real happiness and love means. Motherhood is a bittersweet experience; you’re happy because you will never have a dull moment and emotional because you can’t hold on to these fleeting times. Babies grow up too fast.

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