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Mar 15, 2021
See Article: https://www.womensweb.in/2019/05/6-indian-mom-youtubers-you-must-follow-for-parenting-tips-and-so-much-more/

In the digital era, YouTube is now not just an entertainment platform, but has also become a platform to showcase talent and grow business, and many women out there are using it. The number of viewers on YouTube have also increased rapidly in the past few years. The rich and varied content is the major reason behind this.

The one dilemma that most of the mothers have is to manage work and their child, since involvement of dad in childcare is still rare. Indian moms YouTubers have created a huge base that also addresses this among other things, while also other interests as women. They not only give parenting tips and life hacks but also do videos on makeup, cooking, dance and even entrepreneurship.

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