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All That You Need To Know About Baby Poop (0-3 months)

New born potty is often a mystery of parenting. It changes colour, texture, frequency ,causing panic in parents. Fret not if you are a new parent. This article will guide you through the baby potty cycle, while making you aware about abnormal stool and when to seek medical guidance.)

New born potty. Soon after a baby arrives, do you realize that potty too can be a topic of conversation especially amongst new parents. This might be hilarious to some; however, baby stool is indicator of new born’s health. For 0-3months of age, the baby can hardly express itself. Parents look at physical indicators to gauge day to day well-being. Hence, potty and its routine is always under scrutiny.

To bring clarity to the situation, let’s understand that babies go through a lot of changes. Especially in the transition stage, straight out of womb, babies tend to have a lack of routine. Sometimes they drink a lot of milk, sometimes they don’t, sleep patterns fluctuate and more.


An exclusively breast feed baby will poop according to its body functions, i.e., whether it poops once in 7days or 7 times in one day, it’s absolutely normal. Breast milk is extremely light, hence most of it gets digested anyway. There is no need to panic in such situations.

Color & Texture

Color and texture of baby poop, is often a main cause of concern in parents. Brown, green, yellow, the color can change. Only when it is black, white or has blood spots, does a baby need to be rushed to a pediatrician. The texture too can be pasty, solid, granular, frothy or semi liquid. The change in texture is normal too. However, should you feel that your baby is suffering from loose motions, seek medical advice immediately.

Baby poop can change according to the diet of the lactating mother as well. While wanting the best for our baby, we do tend to get carried away. I hope this article has relieved some of your baby poop panic. The video format for this article is linked below. I would love to hear your thoughts. Do share this with other new parents. We are together in this journey. Enjoyed simplified parenting.

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