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Breast Pump | Everything You Need To Know

New Mothers often wonder whether they should invest in a breast pump. This article answers the most important questions related to the same- What is a Breast Pump? Why should I use a Breast Pump? How often should I use a Breast Pump? Which Breast Pump should I use? Which Brand should I go for? Where do I buy it from? This article will help you understand the basics of a Breast Pump.

Mother’s milk is an elixir for the baby. Rich in nutrients and easy to digest, it builds immunity. Nothing can truly substitute breast milk. WHO and all research data, vouch for it. Every paediatrician will insist that a new-born be exclusively breast fed for six months. Even after the period of six months, at least one breast feed in a day is advised. However, a mother, especially a working woman, might not be physically present all the time. Breast Pump is a saviour in such cases, removing the need for early weaning of the baby from mother’s milk. In my personal experience, the breast pump has been a boon. Hence, after receiving multiple questions about breast pumps, I decided to bring to you a comprehensive understanding of it.

What is a Breast Pump?

This is the most basic of all questions. Simply put , it is a device that aids a mother to express her milk and store it for later use. There are two types of breast pumps- manual and electric. In a manual pump, the milk is expressed by manually pressing the pump multiple number of times. For electric pumps the pumping action is done automatically.

Why Should I use a Breast Pump?

Though breast pump is not a necessity if the mother is always in close proximity to the baby, it makes the experience of breast feeding very convenient. Like mentioned earlier, if you are a working mother, it lets you express and store your milk. Therefore, your baby gets the benefits of breastfeed, even when you are not physically present next to the baby. I have personally used a combination of direct breast feeding and expressing for my son. Especially at nights, when a baby is tired and asleep, sucking is a hard task for it. The baby falls asleep after suckling for a little while, yet it’s hunger is not satiated. Hence, it wakes up again and again. This results in disturbed sleep for both mother and child. However, breast milk in a bottle is easier to suckle. One can also easily measure the amount the baby drinks. Furthermore, it also gives the partner or caregiver, the opportunity to feed the baby ,while the mother can have an uninterrupted sleep.

By keeping a combination feed, one is also keeping into account any emergency or special situations that may occur. Sudden switch at that time might be rejected by the baby. The case of nipple confusion can easily be avoided by using the bottle that comes with the breast pump.

A happy child is one that is satiated. Most of the time a child cries out of hunger. While feeding breast milk from a bottle, one can easily keep a check on the quantity of milk that the baby drinks. One can adjust the feed in accordance.

How often should I use a Breast Pump?

It’s recommended that one uses a breast pump every 2-3 hrs. Lactation in a mother is all about demand and supply. Regularly expressing your milk helps to maintain the milk supply. A mother’s body will recognise the demand and produce in accordance.

Which breast pump should I use- Manual or Electric?

This is a personal choice. To take you through the pros and cons, though an electric pump is expensive, it’s far more efficient. The time needed to express in a manual pump can range between 10 – 40 mins. In an electric pump the same quantity can be expressed in 10-15 mins.

Which brand of breast pump should I use?

I have personally use Medela. To begin, I had purchased a manual pump and later decided to upgrade to an electric pump. It’s a renowned brand and is easily available. Other than that there are brands like Philips Avent.

Where do I buy it from?

Breast Pumps are easily available at any baby store. However, I chose to purchase mine online. The reason being – a better deal in pricing. I saved Rs. 2000 on MRP , while purchasing my electric pump. Also the convenience of delivery seems lucrative to me.

I hope this helps you decide and start your breast pump journey. In a separate article I have covered the specifics of how I used an electric breast pump, stored and thawed my milk. The link to it is here. The content for this article is also available in a video format (link). I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have after reading this article. Should you want to share your parenting journey, please feel free to do so in the comments section. Your feedback would bring in a lot of insights to me. Mom Com is a community built to support parents. Enjoy simplified parenting.



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