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Diarrhea (Loose Motion) in Baby: Causes, Home Remedies, and When to Visit a Doctor

Stomach infections leading to loose motions are not to be taken lightly. As a parent if you are looking for remedies to combat it, this article will help you know what actions to take. Understanding Baby Diarrhea and knowing its sos protocols, will not only treat the condition but will help you prevent it.
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Runny stool and a lack lustre baby are clear indications of Diarrhea. Though it’s a typical problem in babies, it can quickly take a turn for worse if not treated immediately. A clear understanding of what causes diarrhoea and how to treat it, is necessary for every parent.

What causes Diarrhea in Babies?

The three main causes of Diarrhea in a baby are as follows:

1. Food Allergy/ Too much food/ Improper combinations of food

When a baby starts on solids, parents often become over excited with the meals. This, at times, results in over feeding of the baby. Sometimes out of enthusiasm, a parent might end up feeding foods that react with one another. Also a baby might be allergic to certain food items, causing an upset stomach.

2. Bacterial Infection

A baby is curious. It wants to touch, feel, smell and taste everything. Often in this curiosity it tries to put most objects in its mouth. If the baby is teething, the situation becomes more acute. Though as parents we want to maintain the hygiene, sometimes the situation goes out of control. Thus, infections might make their way into the baby’s tummy.

3. Contaminated Water

Water that is given to a baby has to be boiled. Even for formula making, the water has to be properly boiled and then cooled. Missing or ignoring this step makes your baby vulnerable to water borne diseases.


As parents, if we pay attention to the above causes and avoid them, we would be removing the main sources of Diarrhea. Preventive action is always better than treatment.

What to do in case of Diarrhea?

If the baby is less than 3 months, then it’s okay if they poop 7 times a day or once in 7 days. So chances of Diarrhoea is very less since they mostly are on breastfeed. However any signs of Diarrhoea should be treated as an emergency. Dehydration, due to loss of salt and water, can be serious for a baby. Hence, one should immediately look for medical advice. Between 3-6 months as well, it’s best to seek the help of your medical practitioner.

The remedies that I suggest are usually for babies above six months. As they are introduced to solids, a change in their diet often brings relief to the condition.

a. ORS Solution: First and foremost, ORS is the primary aid to reduce Diarrhoea. As the baby passes watery stool, there is a significant loss of water and salts from the body. The main goal at this time is to keep the baby hydrated. ORS replenishes the loss of salt and water in a baby’s body. The measure advised is 5ml per Kg. Hence, if your child is 10kgs, then 50ml of ORS should be given, per serving. Every-time the baby passes a watery stool, ORS should be given to balance the loss.

b. Coconut Water: The taste of ORS is often unpalatable to babies. Hence they tend to reject it. One can supplement ORS with coconut water. Coconut water has natural electrolytes that balance the loss. It’s beneficial for a baby at this stage. Increasing the daily amount of drinking water helps immensely. Hydrate the baby as much as you can.

c. Change in Diet is an obvious necessity. Like adults the babies too need to have easily digestible sources of nutrition. Breast milk is the best in this stage. Formula milk is heavier. At least for the first 3-4 days, one needs to stop formula milk.

d. Curd has probiotic benefits: Homemade curd will provide relief to the baby’s gut, soothing the irritation and eliminating the infection. Curd can be added to any of the meals or can be given as it is. A point to note is that curd should only be given to a child in the morning and afternoon. One should avoid curd at night. Adding sweet potato or sprinkling jeera can add to the taste of the curd (do not add salt or sugar).

e. Banana is extremely helpful during loose motions. Boil a peeled raw banana and mash it. Even a few spoons can help to stabilise the stool. Ripe banana is a favourite for babies. Easy to digest, it will immediately provide natural sugars to boost your baby’s energy.

f. Light Food: Rice water, Sabu Dana water, Dal water, Soup, light khichdi, potato-carrot purée, curd rice are good meal options to ease a baby’s upset stomach. The starchy rice water with a tiny pinch of salt, works to energise the baby. Avocado purée too is a nutritious meal that the baby can digest with ease.

There would be many other home remedies for baby Diarrhoea. Since I haven’t tried them, I wouldn’t be able to comment on them. My advice would be to restrict any heavy or new food options ,for the first 3-5days.

When to visit a Doctor?

Please take note that one needs to rush to a doctor in case the baby shows any of the following signs-

  1. The baby has a fever more than 100°F ,accompanied with loose motions.
  2. The stool is black in colour or there is blood in the stool.
  3. The baby is vomiting.
  4. There is a significant drop in the baby’s energy levels.

I reiterate, do not delay to seek medical advice in such cases.

Pro-Biotic like Enterogermina is always suggested by our paediatrician whenever our baby has Diarrhoea. One Respule per day for 5 days has been the typical dosage however I would strongly advice anyone to give it without your doctor’s recommendation. Giving any kind of medication without doctors’ advice maybe harmful for children.

I understand the turbulence that a parent goes through when a baby is sick. I hope this article will help you ease the situation. Should you want to share your parenting hurdles and victories, feel free to post them in the comments section. The above content is also available in a video format linked below. Together let’s take the stress out of parenting and build a happy community. Enjoy simplified parenting.

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