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How To Resolve Infant Watery Or Sticky Eyes | Blocked Tear Duct Solution For Newborn Baby

Redness, discharge and watery eyes in a baby can be symptoms of a common problem called “blocked tear duct”. While it looks intimidating, the solution to the issue is quiet simple. Being a regular affair in that happens while the tear glands and its associated body systems develop, it is prudent to be aware and prepared for it. If you are a soon to be parent or a new parent, this article will demystify the phenomenon of a blocked tear duct. With inputs from our paediatrician and based on our personal experience with it, read on to calm down the apprehension associated with it.

I did a lot of research while expecting Kabir and was sure that I was aware of the common hurdles that one faces during the initial days of parenthood. Prepared with advice from doctors, elders and books on parenting, we were unnerved when at about 3.5 months, Kabir woke up from his nap with a red eye. His eye had a greenish discharge and looked watery. Our immediate assumption was some kind of an eye infection. Taking into account that he was just a few months old, we rushed into action. We dropped the plan of taking him for a Sunday stroll and were ready to take him to the emergency room instead. Thankfully we got through our paediatrician. Mentioning it to be a common problem, she advised us to remain calm and bring him over for a check-up the next day. The mention of it being a common problem stumped us. We hadn’t come across this while doing our extensive research.

The very next day, after a check-up, the doctor told us it was a “Blocked Tear Duct”. Reiterating that it was common for babies, she went in details to explain what it was. I realised that though it’s a normal occurrence, the awareness to it was quite low. As my endeavour has been to ease the dilemma in parenting, I share with you all that I now know about “Blocked Tear Ducts”.

A tear duct is a tube in the inner corner of the eye, that helps in draining tears from the eyes. Though a new born cries often, tears start forming in its glands at around 2-3 weeks from birth. The ducts allow the tears to flow out of the eyes. However, sometimes for a baby the duct is blocked. The tears instead of flowing out, find its way back into the eye, leading to minor infections. This situation can continue till 6 months of age. Though it can be easily resolved at home, in severe cases of infection or if the condition continues for more that 6 months of age, medical procedures might be needed. Luckily in Kabir’s case, it was temporary.

A blocked tear duct, holds the tears inside the eyes. Bacterial growth in this can cause redness, sticky eyes, discharge from eyes-white, green or yellow in colour and watery eyes. My paediatrician advised against any eye drops for the same. As it is a natural process of the development, it had a simple home remedy- tear duct massage. Though I will take you through the process of doing this massage, I strongly advise that you seek medical guidance and discuss the massage with your medical practitioner before implementing it. No matter what a learned elder might suggest, it is always important to consult a doctor first.

To do the massage, take you little finger to the inner most corner of the baby’s eye, at the base of the nose bridge. Gently massage it in a circular motion, and then drag the finger down the sides of the nose. To see the massage, watch our video content linked here. Before massaging the child’s tear duct, I would also ask you to practice it first in front of your doctor. The baby’s eyes are very sensitive and it’s important to understand how much pressure to apply on the ducts. A paediatrician will efficiently guide you through it. Doing this massage for a few times in a day, should resolve the issue in 2-3 days. It is mandatory that you wash your hands well with a soap before massaging the baby. Should the infection in the eye worsen or tear duct continues to be blocked even after 6 months of age, the medical practitioner might advise a minor surgery.

Doing the massage can be tricky. A baby tries to resist it. The best time for the same is while feeding. The baby is distracted and complies to the massage. Also as parents it’s imperative that we ensure the cleanliness of the eyes. For Kabir, I have made it a habit to clean his eyes with lukewarm water (boiled in advance) with cotton pads. Dip a cotton pad and gently clean the eye. One cotton pad should be use for an eye. Switch to another fresh cotton pad for the other eye. Never splash water into a child’s eye. Doing this 3-4 times a day significantly reduces any chance of an infection.

My sincere request to all parents is to depend on your paediatrician for any guidance. I share my experiences with you to reduce the anxiety that comes with the doubts while raising a child. If you are a parent to be or a new parent, discuss this with your doctor, to prepare yourself in case the situation arises. Not all babies suffer from a blocked tear duct, however raising an awareness and spreading a word with all new parents, will reduce uncertainties.

I would love to hear from you. Comments, feedback and queries on any of our platforms- YouTube , Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and our own website, brings us together. Parenting is fun when we share our journeys. Enjoy simplified parenting.

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