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Normal Delivery Recovery & Care Tips | Traditional Care Methods Passed Down From My Mother

A healthy mother raises a healthy baby. Delivery of a child changes a mother’s body. Her physical and mental recovery is of utmost importance to ensure long term wellbeing of both mother and child. However, this is a topic that often gets ignored while concentrating on the needs of a new born. The article shares the gems of advice from elders that are traditionally passed on to new mothers, in an Indian household. If you are a new mother or a soon to be mom, this article would guide you through the process of postpartum care.

As I recollect the days after the delivery of my son, Kabir, I am grateful for the wisdom that my mother shared. With the internet flooding information on postpartum care, my recovery could have been lost in mind boggling research and often contradictory advice. Instead I chose to rely on the wealth of knowledge that’s passed on from one generation to another in our culture. Time tested remedies that an Indian mother suggests, are practical and aids in a stable recovery. Thus, I completely banked on my mother to walk me through this phase.

As I pass on the advice of my mother to you, simplified and easy to implement, I would like to emphasise that a healthy and happy mother raises a healthy and happy baby.

I had a normal delivery. I had read and had been advised on the new life that I embark upon with a little angel in my arms. The day after the delivery, I was feeling absolutely fine. In fact I thought that I had overestimated the trauma of child birth. Three days into the journey, the narrative changed. Weakness overwhelmed me. I could hardly lift up myself. Body ache made matters worse. Taking painkillers or other medications wasn’t an option. I was breast feeding and as advised by my doctor, I had to keep my recovery as natural as possible. Tender and lovingly, my mother explained to me that child birth is equivalent to re-birth for a woman. It is not just the start of a dramatically different lifestyle, it is physically a whole new person, that a new mother finds herself to be. Hormonal changes, blood loss, water retention, surgical recovery are few of the many ailments that the mother’s body needs to recover from. Taking care of oneself isn’t something that can be put to a side. A new mother’s well-being is of primary importance. Ignorance at this stage can lead to long term health problems for the mother, in turn affecting the baby.

The first 40 days are crucial. Though the care of a new mother has to continue post that as well, the initial days lay the foundation to a speedy recovery. In popular north Indian terms this phase is called “Jhapa”. Some misquote it as just a bonding phase for mother and child. It is far more than that. Both the mother and the child are adapting to their new self. As natural the process of child birth is, the recovery too is natural. While taking care of the new born, a new mother needs all the support that she can get, to heal herself. I followed all the do’s and dont’s to the tee. And today, looking back I can vouch for them to be necessary and effective.

1. Keep Your Head Covered

Blood loss during delivery causes tremendous weakness, resulting in chills. Most mother’s feel cold and have mild shivering. Keeping your body warm is important at this time. Covering your head with a cap or a dupatta, ensures that you don’t have headaches or catch a cold.

2. Keep your body warm extra layer of clothing

Carrying forward from the reason cited above, wearing an additional layer of clothing will protect you. Body Heat aids in recovery. By keeping yourself covered from head to toe, joint pains can be avoided. In my case, when I felt full of milk in my breasts, the body temperature would rise too. It was like having a mild fever. Keeping myself covered, especially then, would help me sweat out the fever.

3. Postpartum Massage

Regular body massages are a must. It can start after 7-10 days of delivery. Earlier than that, it can affect the healing of the stitches. But after your stitches have healed, make sure to employ someone adept at giving postpartum massages. Take a massage every alternate day. The massage oil can be of your choice. It increases blood circulation in the body, helping you not to just get over the body ache, but also in your internal recovery. To feel free to take a bath post the massage. However do ensure that your bath water is between lukewarm to hot.

4. Doctor Recommended Supplements

Supplements are not medication. The iron and calcium supplements that you took during pregnancy, need to be continued. In case of severe weakness, the doctor might prescribe multi vitamins. Do consult your medical practitioner about the supplements that you need, before being discharged from the hospital.

5. Avoid Screen Time

Your body is recovering. The eyes are already strained during this time. Exposure to screen adds to the strain. Minimise screen time and catch up on sleep. Your baby will sleep most of the time and following your babies pattern at this stage will help you in the longer run.

6. Keep Moving

Yes, your body needs rest. But lying down or sitting constantly will deprive your muscles and joints from movement. Walk around in the house. You might want to do some minor chores for the baby. This will not only help in your physical recovery, it will also keep depression at bay.

7. Avoid Constipation

The hospital usually doesn’t discharge a mother till one passes motion. However, constipation can set-in. Adding foods and condiments like papaya, sponge gourd (ghiya), desi ghee, jeera etc to your diet, aids in a healthy bowel movement. Do hydrate yourself by sipping on lukewarm water. My mother advised me to boil my drinking water with one big elachi and then storing it in a bottle that is near my reach. She ensured that I sit down and sip water from time to time. This simple home remedy helped me avoid gas and bloating. Sometimes elders advise us to drink jeera (cumin) water or ajwain (bishops weed) water. You may try either of the remedies to basis what suits you the best.

8. Proper Diet

A healthy diet provides the nutrients for a faster recovery. Eat hot meals and eat fresh. Avoid spicy ,sour or any food that might cause you gas. I have done an in-depth article on this topic with a sample diet chart. As it’s an important factor in your recovery, do check it out here (link to new mother’s diet chart).

9. Time Tested Post-Pregnancy Food

In a North Indian household, Panjiri, Pinni are a must have snack for a new mother. It’s loaded with herbs and dry fruits, to help the recovery. I had two servings of each on a regular basis with warm milk. Do ask your elders about such healing foods in your culture. Should you want to know how my mother made them for me here’s the the link.

I had to divide the content for this topic as I wanted to do justice to each point. A follow up article ,as a continuation of my effort to guide as minutely as possible, is linked here. The suggestions mentioned above are a legacy of my mother’s love and blessing. From one mother to another, I am here for you. Reach out to me on any of my platforms- YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and this website. Your comments, suggestions, feedback, help me to build a community of happy parents. Enjoy simplified parenting.

♥मम्मी के नुस्खे जो आज भी काम आते है, नार्मल डिलीवरी के बाद कैसे ध्यान रखें | इस आर्टिकल की जानकारी हिंदी में पाने के लिए नीचे दिए वीडियो को देखें 



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