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Why Do Newborn Babies Cry | 6 Ways To Help Your Crying Baby

Dealing with a crying baby is challenging for any parent. Understanding the reason behind the wails and then solving them works wonders. In this article we have listed the “why and how” to resolve this. Following them in order will help you enjoy happy and calm days with your baby.

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All babies cry. It is normal. Putting that to begin, to ease the panic in new parents. A newborn babies cry, as confusing it might be to parents, is actually means of communication for babies. They express their emotions and needs. It is a new world for them, the challenges of adapting are manifold. To reach out to parents and caregivers, the baby cries. However new parents often face the dilemma of not being aware of how to deal with a crying baby, why is my baby crying? How can I help? We jump into action rocking and distracting a baby. Mostly, that turns out to be a temporary solution.

As a mom, I understand that we prioritize our baby’s comfort. So here are six main reasons why a baby cry. I have listed them in sequence. Checking them in the same order will greatly reduce the guessing game, quickly turning the wailing baby into a happy baby.

1. Hunger

A baby mostly cries for feed. The tiny little tummy doesn’t have a feeding pattern. The baby might suddenly feel hungry after peeing or pooping. Sometimes it is a sudden growth spurt that makes them want to drink more milk. Increase in thirst during change of weather or maybe the baby is just looking for some skin to skin feeding comfort. Feeding is hardly predictable. So, when your baby cries, check whether the little one is just hungry. Once fed, you have in your arms a happy baby.


2. Diaper Change

Every baby is different and they react differently to diapering. Sometimes the baby cries to indicate a full diaper, sometimes it’s about poop in it and some babies are even bothered about a single pee in the diaper. Easing the diaper discomfort by removing or changing the diaper, will bring a smile on your baby’s face.



3. Comfort temperature

By body temperature I don’t mean fever. It is simply that your baby is feeling hot or maybe it wants to be snug from cold. Like adults, a baby too can feel uncomfortable with temperature of the environment. Noticing whether the baby’s hands or feet are cold can help you understand it needs. Similarly, it the baby is sweating, especially on its head, it indicates that it’s feeling hot. Taking adequate measures to adjust the temperature to the child’s need or maybe adding/removing a layer of clothes, can easily address the issue.


4. Fatigue

A baby gets tired easily. Moving arms and limbs, suckling milk and every little bit of activity is exhausting for the baby. Yet they have no way of expressing it, other than crying. To understand sleep necessities, it is best to look for signs like yawning, rubbing of eyes or a vacant stare. Keeping a track of the waking hours helps. Any of the above is a signal for you to make your baby comfortable enough to sleep.


5. Need Of Being Engaged

Constant engagement is a baby’s favorite pastime. However, they get bored and distracted easily. The toy that they enjoyed for a few minutes might just be tossed off into the floor out of boredom. If your baby looks disinterested with the current toy or activity, it’s best to change it. This will calm down the temperament.



6. Pain and Discomfort

The toughest wails to calm down are the ones that are caused due to pain or discomfort. Gas or bloating is a common problem. If the baby needs to burp and is unable to do so, it cries out of discomfort. Even if you have burped the baby after feed, sometimes it might want to burp more. Like adults, it’s not necessary that a single burp has eased the digestion. Burping techniques will provide relief in such cases. For stomach gas issues, we have specifically linked this article which has home remedies for gas relief (article link).


There may be other causes of pain and discomfort like nasal congestion or fever which can make your newborn cry. Consult your medical practitioner for advice on the same.

By following all these steps in a sequential manner, I hope you see your child transform from crying to full of happiness. Personally, I have implemented all of the above for my son Kabir. Being attentive to his needs has blessed us with a calm baby. I wish the same for you. Sharing this with more parents to help ease this journey, has been my endeavor. Do reach out to me with your comments, feedbacks, queries and more. The content is also available in a video format as linked below. Enjoy simplified parenting.


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