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Teething Home Remedies For Baby (6 Months+ Baby)

Has your baby suddenly turned irritable? Chewing all that it can find at hand? These are signs of Teething. This article is for you, if you are looking to understand the challenges of teething and are looking for home remedies to soothe your baby.

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Your baby is full of happy gurgles and laughter. The feeding pattern is now in your grasp and you finally have got a grip on the parenting process. It’s celebration for you. Then suddenly everything falls apart. Your baby is constantly irritated, eats less, has tummy troubles and is suffering from sleeplessness. I have been there. Kabir, my baby, used to wake up wailing. Anything and everything would become a chew toy. He was teething. While exploring many ways to calm him down, during this phase, I documented the home remedies that worked for us. Your baby’s comfort is as important to me as it is to you. Here I share them with you as a parent to parent helping hand.

To understand the teething phase, I was told by my pediatrician that this process is one of the many natural challenges that a baby face. The soft gums ache and are sensitive. Soon there will be a tooth or two sprouting through. As with adults, any dental discomfort is hard to deal with. However, as per my doctor’s guidance, I chose to steer clear of any allopathy medications or gel for the gum. The natural growing process of the baby shouldn’t be tampered with. Thus, home remedies came to the rescue.

The first point to keep in mind during this phase is cleanliness. Often parents complain of loose motions and fever. They associate this with teething. This is not true. The baby, to soothe itself, puts every possible thing into its mouth. Chewing on bed sheets, mummy’s cheeks or any random item, opens its body to attack by germs. Cleanliness is extremely important. Ensure every area that the child is exposed to has to be spotless clean, to reduce any infections. Baby crib sheet or bed sheet should be changed every day, bottles & toys should be sterilized and anyone engaging the baby should take utmost care of their hand’s hygiene. There are so many variables in play, your job is to just make as much effort as you can.

In spite of your best efforts your baby may still have stomach issues, I have used Colic Aid at this point to ease any stomach troubles for the baby. It’s absolutely natural and easily available with the chemists. It essentially works by calming any infections in the tummy. One should use it only when the baby needs it. Though it is not habit forming, using it without a reason builds up a tolerance to it, reducing its effectiveness. We did purchase a bottle of gripe water as well, but didn’t use it. You may choose to check whether gripe water works for your baby.

Three home remedies that I can vouch for are-

1. Calcarea Phos

You might choose to give a time-tested homeopathic tablet called Calcarea-Phos. Though some doctors doubt its efficacy, it has worked for us. I gave Kabir two tablets in the morning and two at night. Since they dissolve on touching the tongue and are slightly sweet, the baby loves it. Especially during nights, I found it to be extremely useful. Kabir didn’t wake up wailing due to gum pains, after I started it. You can choose to start it while your baby is teething, then keep it aside, till you see the teething process starting again, due to other teeth sprouting up.


2. Rubbing the gums

Wash your hands well. Scrub and clean it. Only after that use your fingers to massage the baby’s gums. This greatly reduces the pain in the gums.

3. Chilled hanky or wash cloth

Boil a cup of water to eradicate any chances of water borne diseases. Then chill it in the refrigerator. When you see your child irritable, dip the cloth in the chilled water and apply near the gums (externally). The cold water will provide immediate relief.

4. Carrot/cucumber sticks

Cut carrot/ cucumber into thick sticks. Chill them in the fridge. Then give it to your baby as a chew toy. As your baby feels restless, this will calm them down and most babies enjoy the taste. Please do note that this method is only applicable if you have started your baby on solid foods. Also do not leave your baby unattended while it’s chewing on these vegetable sticks.

It is also possible that your baby has no discomfort during teething. Though rare, as every baby is different, teething can have varied intensity. My suggestions are those that I have tried for my baby. I would be very happy to know and share any other insights that you may have about teething. Should you choose to watch this in a video format, it’s linked below. Do share the information with all fellow parents. We support each other in our parenting journey. Comments and feedback are appreciated. Enjoy simplified parenting.


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2 years ago

Hi mam my baby is 2 years old. Your video helped alot.watching your video from 3 years.thanks alot of all family.

2 years ago
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Thank you for your feedback, we hope to continue providing great informative content for you.

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